Playground Desktop App

Playground Desktop is a desktop client for Playground, which will enable a more stable guest experience and will be able to keep running with full-screen games. Without opening chrome, Playground Desktop takes very minimal performance from our test.
The app is still in development, so it might have some unexpected bugs, be careful when using it.
Feels free to tell us your feedback via discord!

Quick Setup (5 mins)

1. Download the Playground Desktop exe.
Download Link
0.0.3 (Latest)
​Dropbox (7.3 mb)​
3. Windows Defender might warn you that there are risks running our app, please click more info and click "Run anyway" to run our app.

How to stream with Playground Desktop

Suggest using the web version for direct transparency!
  1. 1.
    Use window capture and set the capture method to windows 10 (103 and up)
If you are concerned about the safety of our app, we understand and feel free to use Playground web version instead!