File handling

The Playground team is made up of artists, creators and developers. We are always working to find the best solutions for the creative community.
  • We will never save your models. You own your models.
  • Your model is hosted locally on your computer when no rooms are created.
  • Your model files are encrypted before uploading to the server.
  • When people join the room, we relay the decryption key to them.
  • To the other people in the room, your model files are encrypted.
  • Your models are deleted from our servers as soon as you leave the room.
When creating a room, anyone who is given the room link will see your models. As a precaution on our side, the model files are encrypted with keys. Share with discretion and invite only people you trust. Do not join suspicious room links.
We are currently in early development and are working to install more security and privacy measures along the way. If you have suggestions for us or notice any issues please contact us at [email protected] or join our Discord.