📙V4 Update

V4 - patch 4

  • (New) Connect with Twitter to enable remote model cache.

    • Faster room setup, and saves repetitive model upload time.

    • Collab between Login users and Anonymous users is possible!

  • (Improved) Rewritten model synchronization system for stable performance

  • (New) Better status representation in layer panels!

  • (New) Vertex selection improvement, achieving precise selection with optimal performance.

V4 - patch 3

(Experimental) Connect with Twitter to enable remote model cache, faster room setup, and saves repetitive model upload time.

(New) Support model rotation [Win / Mac - Ctrl + Scroll]

(Improved) Better guides for new users

V4 - patch 2


  • (Improved) Faster model loading -> better experience on friends joining the room

  • (New) Model Icon would be automatically loaded instead of a generated thumbnail (icon.jpg, icon.png...)

  • (Fixed) Model texture loading issues which the model might appear blacked out


  • (New) Log panel for easier problem traceback

V4 - patch 1


  • (New) Unsync and custom individual model scaling

  • (New) Hide model rendering


  • (Improved) Auto reconnection to room when the network connection is unstable


  • (New) OBS specific onboarding dialog hint



  • (New) Layer Panel, let you reorder with ease.

  • (Changed) Disable sync position will disable layer order sync (local position + layering is possible now!)


  • (Improved) Hover will popover bottom toolbar menu


  • (Improved) To reduce setup steps, the last position and scale will be remembered, including the model, locally in your browser / OBS browser source. (Model will still be encrypted when joining room)

  • (Changed) Join room confirm dialog cannot be skipped to prevent joining any untrusted room.

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