Invite your friends

  1. 1.
    Go to the navigation bar and click “Create Room”
2. You can create and copy link right away or can add “Room Entry Password” under room settings. This will require everyone using the room link to enter a password before being admitted.
3. Click the "Create and Copy Link" . A room link will be generated and copied to your clipboard.
4. Share this link & password with your friends to invite them into your room.
5. If you want to copy again the room link & password. Click the "Invite Friends" button

How to Invite friends on OBS Browser Sources

You will see a blank screen, this is because Playground hides its UI by default.
  • How do I Show UI
    • Double click anywhere to show or hide UI.
  • How do I interact on OBS?
    • Right click on the browser source, choose "interact".
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