Security measures

The Playground team takes privacy and security very seriously. Here is a list of measures we have implemented:

  • We do not collect user data as we do not utilize login information.

  • We do not have access to your camera. Your motion capture comes from VTube Studio.

  • When creating a room, custom password can be enabled.

  • Room password can only be copied and distributed by the host.

  • Room IDs are randomized. These IDs expire as soon as the room closes.

  • Your model files are encrypted before uploading to the server.

  • When you leave the room, your encrypted model files will be deleted.

  • Your room locks automatically to only people in the room once it is full. (Maximum of four.)

  • Your room automatically closes once everyone leaves.

When creating a room, anyone who is given the room link will see your models. As a precaution on our side, the model files are encrypted with keys. Share with discretion and invite only people you trust. Do not join suspicious room links.

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