Import your models

We only support Live2D model files from Live2D Cubism currently. If you do not own any Live2D model, you can download their free test models here.

  1. Open Playground in a browser. Go to the navigation bar and click "Import Model"

2. You can drag your entire folder into the page or locate your Live2D model file with the import buttons.

If you are using VTuber Studio, you can find the file on this Path this way. VTube Studio.exe Path\VTube Studio_Data\StreamingAssets\Live2DModels

3. Your model will load momentarily. It may take longer for bigger file sizes to load.

Import via OBS Browser Sources

You will see a blank screen and no default model, this is because Playground hides its UI by default in OBS.

The steps are the same as the section above of browser👆.

  • How do I Show UI

    • Double click anywhere in " Interact" mode to show or hide UI.

  • How do I interact on OBS?

    • Right click on the browser source, choose "interact".

To troubleshoot issues with upload, see here.

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